I chipped my tooth, the dentist reattached it. Now the tooth is feeling funny and the dentist said I might need a root canal. Can your program heal my tooth?

Root canals are a highly overprescribed treatment. A root canal in my opinion should be used as a last resort. Root canals are not preventative treatments. They are heroic measures to save a dying tooth.

A tooth that has been hit, is damaged. It can in some cases be so injured that the nerve within the tooth dies. A dead tooth looses its awareness of temperature, and can turn gray.

There are non-root canal treatments for a chipped tooth, using bonding materials. This is what your dentist did, he bonded something onto your tooth. That itself could make your tooth feel funny if the material was not biocompatible.

While I wish I could promise you success, each case in trying to heal a difficult and injured tooth is an adventure. Cure Tooth Decay contains the best information on the subject matter of healing teeth, but that does not guarantee it will work for your situation in a way you had hoped. It will definitely help you limit the chance of a tooth infection, and the tooth pulp can protect itself and heal better when nutrition is optimal, and that takes making changes.

Chipped Tooth Second Answer

If I chipped my tooth I wouldn't get a root canal. I would wait to see if an infection would happen, or if their was swelling. It really depends on how bad the chip is. Eating foods as described in my book, especially foods high in fat-soluble vitamins will help the problem. See the help of a good dentist, such as from the Holistic Dental Association. Holistic minded dentists can use bonding material, homeopathy and other less toxic treatments to deal with chips, even severe ones without a root canal. Root canals as a precautionary treatment, I think that's a bad idea (in most cases.) Again, your wisdom first, I don't know your exact situation, so choose what is right for you.

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