Foods that Inhibit Tooth Decay (Cure Tour Part III)

A diet high in fat-soluble vitamins, minerals, and whole and unrefined foods is essential to halting tooth decay.

You cannot continue to go haphazardly through life, eating life-depleting foods (foods of industry) and drinking life-destroying beverages and then expect your teeth not to decay.

Eat As Close to Nature As Possible

Eating healthy is not just about eating fruits and vegetables. It is about eating mineral dense food sources, regularly, as in twice per day or more.

Here are some special foods that will help Cure Tooth Decay.

Elements of one Tooth Decay Reversing Protocol

I am giving away part of the protocol because I believe the world deserves to know how to be healthy. Plus, the protocol is not the secret; it is learning about it, and motivating yourself to implement it that is the challenge.

1/2 teaspoon 2-3 times per day of Green Pasture's Royal Blend fermented cod liver oil / butter oil mix (1-1.5 teaspoons per day)

1-4+ cups of raw grassfed milk daily, or 4 ounces of raw grassfed cheese

2 cups daily of bone soup, made from slow cooking the bones and organs of fish, chicken, beef and so on.

Optional, and helpful: 1-4 tablespoons of grassfed bone marrow. Either raw or cooked.

Also make sure to avoid, limit and monitor the intake of the foods that cause and promote cavities.

Full dietary protocols and explanations as to why you need special foods and more detail about remineralizing tooth cavities are available in the print book Cure Tooth Decay.

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