What is the Gray Film on my Teeth?

Question: Since adopting a teeth healing diet I have experienced a gray film buildup on my teeth. It makes my teeth very dark gray and caused me great worry. After poking around on the internet for any possible explanations I found that this seems to be happening to a lot of people on the SCD or GAPS diet which I'm sure you know overlaps tremendously with your diet. No one seems to know much about why this is happening. The GAPS guide blog author says her dentist believes it is some type of bacteria causing the discoloration and that by cutting simple carbohydrates so dramatically, there is a temporary upset in the bacteria equilibrium of the body. The gray film comes off with a professional tooth cleaning. My dentist insisted it was stain from the usual suspects- coffee, chocolate, tea, although I explained I eat none of those things! Have you had any experience with this? It may not be causing any damage to teeth, but nevertheless it is embarrassing, very mysterious and gives the appearance of decayed teeth. Any theories are much appreciated.

After a professional cleaning the gray was completely gone, in fact my teeth were whiter than they have ever been underneath that staining. My enamel looked beautiful and strong. This lasted for maybe a month and then I started noticing the build-up again. It almost seems to happen overnight and progresses rapidly. It looks like enamel loss but thank goodness it's not. Brushing with baking soda helps a little but can't get it all. I should also mention that I don't use any toothpaste or other dentifrice but I brush carefully.

This is something that seems to be happening to many people on a nutrient dense diet without grains and sugars. I think it deserves some research and attention because it is so strange. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks so much!

Answer: Well the build up on teeth is probably dead skin cells.
So the two possibilities are that you do not digest your food completely well. Or that you are detoxifying and you see it as the gray colored plaque.

I don't really have the tools to diagnose it. A good chinese medicine or aruyvedic medicine practitioner should be able to give you an analysis of what is happening with your body.

The good news is your teeth are whiter underneath.
You might look into the gum cleaning technique to help remove the plaque.

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