What to do about bone loss from a never ending tooth infection?

Question: I was told I have bone loss, due to a longstanding infection in the root of my tooth. This problem has been going on for 15 to 20 years. My dentist said it was a sinus infection. I had my "sinus infection" treated several times over the years and finally developed a place near my tooth where infection would seep out from time to time. Believing this to be a sinus infection I treated myself with Sudafed which generally relieved the symptoms,then they would recur. In spite of regular dental visits the dentist did not discover my bone loss until recently. He then said this was an abscess. I was advised to have the tooth pulled as the bone loss was too great to heal and restore. Also, that if my tooth is pulled the bone will regrow and I can have a bridge put in to replace the missing tooth. Is there any way to heal this infection without having my tooth pulled. I found your website and immediately began brushing with sea salt. It has made a large improvement in the situation. Thank you for your thoughts.

Answer: I consider this to be a serious problem. This is generally beyond my area of expertise, and it seems to also be beyond the area of expertise of the dentist. It seems like careful tooth cleaning will help prove your situation. I am still learning about what causes these deep infections in the jaw. To me the answers are not black and white. I also am not very sure your dentists solution of pulling the tooth. It may make the situation worse in this case. I would recommend a second opinion on the tooth infection. Look for a dentist who is an expert in the field, particularly one who has some background in other health modalities. Or see if the dentist will promise you in writing that pulling the tooth will resolve your problem.

I would also recommend you try to treat this infection with herbal medicines by visiting an expert chinese medicine, ayurvedic medicine, tibetan medicine, or western herbal practioner.

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