My dentist says I have a cavity, or that I need this and that treatment. Is he telling me the truth, I don't trust him?

Usually if you have doubts about your dentist, you are probably correct. Dentistry overall is an iatrogenic profession. It causes disease, and perscribes a massive amount of unecessary treatments. When the knowledge of healing cavities with food is added into the mix, you will come to realize as I explain in more detail in Cure Tooth Decay that most dental treatments are not needed. In fact the only teeth that consistantly need dental treatments, are the teeth that have already had dental treatments.

I am not a dentist and it is hard for me to know whether your dentist is telling you the truth about the health of your teeth. If you feel scared and a sense of fear. Then you probably ARE NOT getting the truth. If you feel at ease, peaceful, a sense of rightness about the treatment, YOU ARE GETTING THE TRUTH. In my book I talk about misdiagnosis, it is rampant in the dental field. I encourage people to find a dentist they trust. There are a few conventional dentists that are in good integrity as practitioners, and a higher percentage of holistic and biological dentists that can give honest and supportive feedback. So get a second opinion first. That being said, one must differentiate between the diagnosis, and the recommendations for the cure. Most dentists 98-99% won't recommend a nutritional cure. As a result, many times a dentist will give you an accurate diagnosis, but may not offer you the best treatment.

I created a resource to help you locate the best dentists on the planet.

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