Does Beer or Wine Cause Cavities?

Question: I was wandering how does alcohol consumption fit into your protocol for healing teeth? This question is for my boyfriend. His teeth seem to have some cavities and his wisdom teeth are coming in with possible decay. I am doing everything I can to get him to follow your diet, and we have been eating a Weston Price type diet for a little over a year. How detrimental are his nightly beers and/or whiskey. If he follows the rest of the diet strictly what would your recommendations about alcohol consumption be? Thanks so much!

Answer: Unfortunately beer especially and contribute to tooth decay. Healthy cultures did drink homemade brews that did not cause cavities. But something in the way many beers are produced perhaps it is the: the malt, the sugars, chemicals applied during the process can make beer contribute to or cause cavities.

In particular I would watch out for whole grains in a diet filled with beer. If he wants to stop his cavities, he should reduce or eliminate beer until the cavities stop.

A related link is an article about wine and tooth cavities.

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