Gum Disease: Learn How to Cure It!

"More than 75 percent of Americans over 35 have some form of gum disease."

This page will teach you the theory of the cause of gum disease and how to prevent it for life. Further, you will learn strategies from readers of Cure Tooth Decay who cured their bleeding gums and receding gums naturally!

Exciting news! I have discovered a new technique to help reverse gum disease naturally. The technique goes hand in hand with a healthy diet.

Gum disease is the degeneration of the periodontal ligament that connects the tooth to the socket. It is also the deterioration of the tissues around the mouth leaving the gums swollen and inflamed, and the roots of the teeth over-exposed.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

  • swollen gums, also known as gingivitis
  • bleeding gums
  • loose teeth
  • receding gums
  • increased size of gum pockets
  • death of gum tissue
  • tooth loss

The Conventional Gum Disease Theory is Not Accurate

"Periodontal gum disease is caused by a bacterial infection that can irreversibly damage your teeth if left untreated."

According to my research, bacteria does not cause tooth decay, and it cannot be the cause of gum disease. At best, bacteria eats the decaying gum tissue in your mouth. The theory that bacteria causes periodontal disease leaves you powerless to stop it.

Do Dental Cleanings Prevent Gum Disease?

Flossing, brushing, and tooth plaque removal are suggested methods for preventing gum disease. If these methods worked, it is questionable why 75% of the U.S. population over 35 would have gum disease. Either most of us do not brush, floss, or have teeth cleanings, or cleaning the teeth does little or nothing to prevent gum disease. However, dental hygiene cleanings can help with certain forms of gum disease.

Indigenous groups retain healthy gums without cleaning.

"Many primitive peoples not only retain all of their teeth, many of them to an old age, but also have a healthy flesh supporting these teeth. This has occurred in spite of the fact that the primitives have not had dentists to remove the deposits and no means for doing so for themselves." - Weston Price

Plaque occurs when the body’s internal chemistry -- the pH balance -- is out of sync. This happens due to a faulty diet, excess sugar, and environmental toxins.

The Amazing Gum Cleaning Technique

Learn how to clean your gums to eliminate the gum disease causing plaque.

Gum Cleaning Brush

How To Treat Gum Disease Naturally Part 1

This is a summary submitted by Johanna N.

"I have been on a long quest to heal my gums and gingivitis. Despite the fact that I followed a very strict diet of traditional foods, I still suffered from swollen bleeding receding gums. After using my mouth as an experiment and trying everything out there, I can finally say that my gums are healed. I would like to share what I have tried and what finally worked, since you compile this kind of information. Your book and your suggestions on your site for gums helped, but I have added a few extra things that eventually worked."

In addition to following a traditional diet as described in my book, Johanna found natural gum treatments that worked successfully for her. Here is what actually worked.

Gum Disease Treatments That Work

1. Camu Camu: I take 2 teaspoons of camu camu a day, and have muscle tested that this is the main reason for my gums being healed. It is a natural vitamin C powder AND has bio-flavinoids. I have read that a worn immune system is the main reason for poor gum health. It really all comes down to dietary reasons. My gums were red and swollen, and so were my daughter’s. After taking this and giving it to her everyday in raw yogurt, I see an amazing difference. I can’t remember the last time I saw healthy light pink gums, and no more bleeding! My daughter’s gums are beautiful too!

Vitamin C Cure Pyorrhea

I would not use synthetic vitamin C, but I think acerola berry powder, which is very high in vitamin C would probably work as well. Also raw milk has vitamin C like properties. Johanna said she drank it but it didn't help the gum problem. Organic Palm oil may also be very high in vitamin C. Let's continue...

2. Holistic Dental herbal mouthwash.  It is amazing a  I feel such a difference in my gums from this alone. 

3. I floss daily with floss from local health food store.

5. Holistc Dental Tooth and Gum Powder is a great combination of herbs that contains almost all of the suggested herbs from your site. I leave this on my gums sometimes, and brush with it too, and it is great. I love this stuff. My teeth feel clean after brushing, and look whiter.

6. Ditch the Toothpaste - A gum disease sufferer reported that by avoiding toothpaste, and replacing their tooth cleaning with sea salt or tooth soap, that they reversed their gum disease within two months.

7. Use the gum cleaning technique. The gum cleaning technique is a proven method to reverse mild - moderate cases of gum disease in a high percentage of cases.

I also have a recipe for Dr. Christopher's tooth powder in Cure Tooth Decay that is very potent.

Another person wrote that the OraMD has helped periodontal problems.

Another note is that having adequate calcium in your diet has be statistically related to lower incidences of gum disease.

Treatments That Did Not Help Gum Disease or Were Detrimental

(I am not saying these products are bad. I am just sharing a testimonial someone wrote to me for what helped them.)

  • Uncle Harry’s miracle mouthwash: great ingredients, but it made my gums feel worse. I may be allergic to something in it. I don't use it anymore.
  • Tooth soap brand: Made my mouth feel worse. The company was great at refunding my money. (Editor's note: it may have been the essential oil used that further inflamed the gum condition)
  • Toothpastes, or xylitol.
  • I tried a Waterpik and only noticed a small difference, so I quit using it. I also decided that if my toddler couldn't use it, I wouldn't either.

Conclusions About Gum Disease

Cure Tooth Decay Book Excerpt

Pyorrhea is an advanced stage of gum disease in which ligaments and bones that support the teeth become inflamed and infected. It is partially a result of the process whereby important nutrients are borrowed from the gums and transported to other parts of the body (such as the vital organs). Dr. Price explained:

Pyorrhea in the light of our newer knowledge is largely a nutritional problem.

Johanna was eating a whole food diet, but her diet still lacked important nutrients. Indigenous groups like the Eskimos ate large quantities of food high in vitamin C -- in their case, whale blubber.

By restoring missing nutrients to her body and by using topical herbal treatments which clean, nourish and build the gums, she was able to have success in curing her gum disease.

Additional Resources:

With Cure Tooth Decay, you can learn about how to improve your diet so as to stop or reduce gum disease.

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