Is the white stuff on my teeth helping with tooth remineralization?

Question: Does remineralization or any other positive development/healing on teeth come in the form of physical matter or substances that are visibly forming on the surface of the teeth, that have the general resemblance of plaque, but look different, sometimes in the color of milk cream or close. I keep having this nagging feeling that by removing plaque-like substances on the surface of the teeth, I might be removing the foundational material for remineralization.
Another way to ask this question is: do teeth remineralize or heal from the inside or from the outside?

Answer: When teeth remineralize the outer layer of your tooth becomes hard and glassy. This whitish hard layer is sometimes visible to the eye. The tooth will feel extra strong and hard, even at the spots were tooth decay was once present. In your case, this is not tooth remineralization. You are experiencing some type of plaque. Teeth remineralize through the pump like action of the odontoblasts, tooth building cells. This is through a mechanism called dentinal fluid transport. The white stuff you are experiencing on your teeth is likely dead skin cells. You will want to remove those from your mouth using a combination of brushing and the gum cleaning technique.

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