I have a large cavity, can Cure Tooth Decay cure my cavity?

It depends on how serious the cavity is and if there are aggravating factors such as if the tooth is connected to bridge work, dental crowns, if it has a large filling in it already, or if you have other moderate to serious health problems or if you are taking prescription medications.

Let's make it simple and assume that there are no complicating factors. Then, almost always, yes your cavity can be stopped. That means that the active decay will stop, and that the soft tooth will become hard again. It does not mean that the large hole in your tooth will fill in, but that can happen to some degree on occasion.

If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, or have other chronic health problems then it will be significantly more difficult to heal a serious cavity.

In Cure Tooth Decay I describe a protocol that is 95% effective for even severe cavities. Once that cavity is healed, which is usually the case, then in the case of a large gaping hole still left in the tooth, you get to decide with your dentist if you want to do a minimally invasive treatment. That would be for example, a composite or ceramic filling that involves little or no drilling of the tooth.

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