Can you remineralize teeth with amalgam fillings, and will those fillings pop out on their own?

It certainly is possible for fillings to pop out due to tooth remineralization, but it is an occurrence which has a very low likelihood of occurring.

Tooth mineralization primarily happens from the inside of the tooth outward. The tooth nerve, blood and tooth building cells. The cells exist within the center of the tooth and in some of the many miles of the microscopic tubes within each tooth. So yes the teeth can mineralize with fillings. It is not likely that the mineralization will cause the filling to pop out. But it could potentially happen. I think most people who have fillings fall out under a new diet, have their fillings fall out because their teeth are loosing minerals, and thus the cavity is growing around the filling.

If you do have mercury fillings, you probably will want to get them replaced at some point.

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