Tooth Decay and Colloidal Silver

Timothy Davison sent me this recently regarding tooth decay and colloidal silver; my comments are below.

"Two and a half weeks ago I noticed two cavities high up in my front teeth. Both were brown and unsightly, and I was kicking myself for not noticing them before and brushing my teeth more carefully. The gums had also receded above them.

One of the cavities was particularly deep and exceptionally sensitive to the sharp end of a pair of scissors I several times placed against it.

As I have had amazing success in the past curing all kinds of problems with colloidal silver, I searched on Google to see whether there was a natural way of curing my two cavities, and I learned for the first time that teeth could naturally remineralize.

I decided to brush my teeth regularly throughout the day, particularly after meals and taking special care to spray the damaged areas with colloidal silver. I was not particularly hopeful, but I dreaded going to the dentist. The last time I went was 24 years ago for a cavity-fill high up on another front tooth. The drilling was excruciatingly painful at the time and the tooth far more sensitive to pressure after the operation than before.

Well, after a week I started noticing some tiny signs of whiteness against the brown. I thought that maybe I simply hadn't noticed it before. Now, another week on, I can clearly see new white bone growing in both cavities. I'm simply amazed. Every day I notice a small improvement. At this rapid rate, I guess both my teeth could fully recover in a month's time, even though I'm 52.

I thank God for what I am still experiencing as a kind of miracle, especially given the intensive dental propaganda regarding the need to drill and fill. If my experience is at all typical, then I can only say: Woe to you dentists who deliberately conceal from your clients the naturally curative properties of human teeth once properly cared for. And blessed indeed are those persecuted for attempting to get the truth out!

Timothy Davison
Esher, Surrey, UK"

More About Tooth Decay and Colloidal Silver

It is very positive to find an alternative method to healing teeth. Colloidal silver may be stimulating the parotid gland, the gland in the mouth that controls whether teeth mineralize or demineralize. Or it may bond to the tooth structure. Use this treatment with care, because it may be simply covering up tooth decay symptoms. There is nothing we can do to replace a good diet for good health. But if you have a cavity problem, and are not sure what to do, this may be worth a try. Also, be careful when using silver or other metal supplements, as they can add to the heavy metal burden in our bodies.

Just to be clear. I am not endorsing this treatment; I have not tried it, but I think it could help some people in certain situations.

Mr. Johnson used WaterOz 100ppm purchased from He says it's a particularly strong mix. Again, Mr. Johnson sprayed some of this on his teeth, he did not take it otherwise.

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