Dry mouth and tooth cavities.

Question:   Can a cracked tooth be repaired and strengthened through diet? The dentist suggested I get a crown $800!

I have Sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease where I produce too many antibodies so they attach my moisture glands leaving me with a dry mouth and dry eyes. I have had terrible dental problems in the past. I purchased your first edition, read it, and have made some dietary changes to comply with your book. I don't have tons of cavities anymore, but I still don't have a lot of saliva to help protect my teeth. Do you have any other suggestions to help my condition?

Answer: Dry mouth is a sign of a more serious health imbalance. I would recommend finding a natural health care practioner to further diagnose and treat your imbalances. You may look for the best of the best Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine or Ayurvedic Practioners.

I am glad changes you made from reading the book helped. There are 1-3% of readers by my estimate that require additional help to heal their cavities.

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