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Yes, you have understood correctly, tooth cavities can heal without chemicals or dental surgery. The dentin, the middle layer of your teeth can regenerate and become hard as stone creating new teeth, strong teeth, and cavity free teeth. Sensitive teeth can be made hard again, and loose teeth can become firmly embedded.

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III. Special foods that halt cavities, read on.

VI. Learn how to cure tooth decay.

If you have a toothache, you will get helpful tips on how you can immediately change your diet, so that the toothache can slow down. You can also skip ahead to my home tooth pain remedies.

Having a toothache means you very likely have a tooth cavity. In the past it meant you could either grin and bear it, and hope it went away, or you could go to the dentist and get another filling placed. But now there is a new way. Through eating special foods, you can halt the cavity and make your teeth stronger. In some cases, people have gained vast improvements in tooth pain in just days. More realistically, improvements happen over weeks and months.

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This site has an outline of the explanation of how to heal cavities. (Yes I saved all of the juicy details for my book; not everything is revealed online for free.)

I. We examine healthy people who are free from tooth decay. With the coming of modern civilization came tooth cavities and other problems.

II. We learn why cavities happen. Something is lacking in our modern diet, and thus we have cavities.

III. Want to know some of the special foods that halt cavities? Read on.

IV. Want to know common foods that cause cavities? Read on.

V. So how does the current theory of tooth decay fit into what you have learned so far? Let's take a look at it and see where there are problems.

VI. The prevalence of tooth decay. Is tooth decay really improved by modern prevention measures of dentistry: fluoride and tooth brushing? Let's take a look.

VII. Heal and Prevent Cavities with Nutrition. An overview, with x-ray evidence showing that cavities can be healed!

VIII. "Wait a second, don't germs cause cavities?" Not exactly, read on.

IX. Tooth Decay Prevention: myths and facts.

X. Tooth pain: natural home remedies

Conclusion About Healing Cavities

You can heal and mineralize your cavities when you understand what causes them. This empowers you to stop tooth pain, prevent tooth aches, prevent the need for root canals, and halt or slow down gum disease.

Let's honor the way of our ancestors and be wise. "It is store food that has given us store teeth." When we are told that fluoride, and drilling and filling are the only solutions to cavities, we are not being told the truth.


Further online reading: explore the myths and facts behind root canals.

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