Can you heal gum line cavities, or grooves on teeth next to the gum line?

Cavities near the gum line usually mean that there is a two fold problem in the mouth. The gum line cavities or ridges called abfraction, many times happen when there are biting stresses on the teeth. Another possibility for what causes gum line cavities is plaque or rotten food getting stuck up against the tooth and causing it to deteriorate. The solution to the plaque condition is explained in the blotting section.

Whatever the environmental contribution is to your cavities, improving your diet will definitely help. Abfraction's are caused when there is side to side bite stresses on the teeth. The bite stress damages the tooth resulting in ridges. The body does its best to protect against and remineralize the stressed out teeth. Improving your diet will decrease the sensitivity and rate of growth of the ridges. It may not stop them entirely. A combination of diet with physical therapies like osteopathy will help resolve gum line cavities and gum line ridges on the teeth.

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