Is eating raw organic eggs dangerous? What are some possible side effects of eating raw eggs?

Eating raw organic eggs is not dangerous. However eating raw eggs will probably make you sick. The sickness is your body adjusting and detoxifying. I eat raw eggs frequently and I believe they are vital to many health improvements I have. Raw eggs are one of the most easily digestible foods available.

While conventional medicine clams that raw organic eggs could be dangerous because of bacteria, this claim is completely false. Why would you have an ancient food delicacy in China for example with the thousand year old eggs? Eggs that are purposely made to decay and rot.

Raw eggs can cause some serious and uncomfortable side effects when you first use them. Diarrhea, vomiting, and even feeling extremely sick. On the other side of this sickness you will feel better and stronger. This is because raw egg white grabs on to drug toxins stuck in our system, and releases them, generally through our stomach.

I never require that you eat or do anything you feel uncomfortable with. If raw eggs seems to unkosher, or wrong for you, that is okay, I would recommend soft boiled eggs as an alternative.

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