Painful Tooth With Filling Needs Root Canal

Question:   Thanks for your site and research. I am desperate since I have pain in a tooth that had a filling 20 years ago and it was filled again, but its a deep filling and the dentist told me the xrays were looking like it was getting bad.  But the sensitivity is pretty bad to cold and heat and air. 

I read your site last night and immediately ran down and got baking soda to brush on my tooth and took vitamin C.

Do you think I can still try and prevent the root canal with your methods?  I know you cant give medical advice, but I just couldn't tell if you were preventative or even with the damage that has been done to my teeth I can try.

Unfortunately, maybe its genetics and the bad diet and the sealants that were put on my teeth incorrectly as a child, but pretty much ALL my teeth have fillings.  I think there are mostly porcelain since I paid extra to not have silver colored.

Answer: Root canals are meant to be last ditch heroic efforts to save teeth. I do not recommend dental treatments for people since I cannot replace the advice of a good dentist. In this case I do not see enough effort made to reverse the tooth infection. In order to avoid a root canal, you would need to making a bigger change in your diet and lifestyle. It is possible in some cases. Also the tooth has been damaged by the large filling placed in it. So it is a big job to reverse this tooth problem.

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