Should I get a root canal or a tooth extraction?

In an ideal world you would do neither. If you must choose a dental treatment for your tooth, I cannot advise you on which treatment would be better. If you got a root canal, and you are in excellent health, then the root canal would not likely become infected. In particular, Endocal 10 is supposed to be a cleaner material for performing root canals that is supposed to expand into the microscopic tubules and seal out the possibility of infection.

If you get a tooth extraction, then it could lead to problems with your bite, or lead to other teeth moving. At which case you would need a dental bridge or a tooth implant. An extraction is less of a problem when you are in ideal health. I think that both of these treatment options are far from ideal. Look within yourself and see if either of those treatments give you an inner yes, or a feeling of excitation. If that is the case, then that's probably what your body is telling you to do. If it is not the case, then perhaps your internal voice of wisdom is guiding you to a different option and magically you have found my website! There are some natural treatments which I have not evaluated such as light therapy, ultrasound therapy, and ozone therapy, so perhaps there is an alternative for you regarding treatments.

Otherwise, you can heal root canals, it doesn't always happen, but it is very possible. Actually you do not heal root canals, but rather heal the damage to the tooth so that a root canal is not needed.

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