Complete dental revision, removing root canals, replacing crowns and so forth?

Question: My holistic dentist recommends removing my 4 root-canaled teeth plus replacing a few crown build-ups under existing crowns plus replacing a couple of fillings plus cleaning 2-3 cavitations from previously extracted teeth all in one long visit under sedation. I have a long history of gum disease and continuing bone loss in my mouth. Two of the upper root-canaled teeth have abcesses. Most of my teeth have fillings in them. Apart from finding the way to pay for this procedure and consequent crowns and bridges, I am wondering if I should consent to this recommendation.

Answer: "I should consent to this recommendation"

I think you already know the answer, just listen to it.

I would be wary of pulling any teeth, especially if you already have bone loss. I encourage you to take a look at better gum cleaning.

I also suggest you seek extra help to stop the bone loss, like from Tibetan, Aruyvedic or Chinese Medicine. Your bite is also probably way out of balance. So to get your mouth and body into optimal health is a big project for you and you would need help.

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