Healthy People = Healthy Teeth (Cure Tour Part I)

The absence of essential nutritional factors, along with the presence of injurious factors, explains why native people had healthy teeth, while "modern people" suffer from severe tooth decay.

Why Do These People Have Such Healthy Teeth?

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Healthy Teeth, Healthy Woman
Joan Caulfield was an American actress born in 1922. Americans used to eat real foods and have relatively healthy teeth and well-rounded faces.

And Why Do These People Have Severe Tooth Decay?

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Isolated Groups of People on Their Native Diets had a High Immunity to Decay

In the 1930s Dr. Weston Price sought to find control groups around the planet to confirm or deny his hypothesis about nutrition and tooth decay.

In every instance Dr. Price found that when individuals of the same ethnic background had lost their isolation from the modern world, they then adopted modern foods and food habits of commerce. As a result there was an early and rapid loss of immunity to tooth decay.

Some groups Dr. Price studied, such as isolated Australian Aborigines, remote tribes in Africa, Canadian Indians, and isolated groups of Eskimos, had no occurrence of tooth decay. They were completely immune. They also maintained a high degree of health and physical perfection, which included strength, endurance and an ability to deal with harsh climates.

Groups of People on a Modern Industrial Diet had Mouths Full of Dental Decay

When these same healthy groups of people, who for generation after generation produced physically perfect offspring, nearly 100% free from tooth decay, just changed their diet to a diet of commerce (like the diet we eat today), they rapidly experienced disease and tooth cavities.

Dr. Price's studies included a chemical analysis of foods of the isolated groups and also of the industrial foods (the foods most of us regularly eat) that displaced the indigenous foods. He found that the isolated diet, which produced a high immunity to tooth decay, had several times more vitamins and minerals than the modern displacing diets.

Our modern displacing diet is the cause of tooth decay. Preventing tooth decay has little to do with tooth brushing and fluoridating water. If these strategies worked, people would have fewer and fewer cavities because most people brush frequently and almost 70% of the United States now has fluoridated water.

Approximately 90% of people in the U.S. have had tooth decay at least once in their lives. This is a result of a "modernized" diet, consisting of many junk and processed foods. The modern diet lacks the vitamins that our bodies need, and as a result, our teeth decay.

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