Chipped Tooth and Infection that Doesn't Cause Pain, What To Do?

Question: I chipped a molar, because of a bite adjustment when in fact there was an infection under a crown which made me feel like something was off with the bite. Now I have what they are suggesting is an infection... but I have no pain, also my other crown tooth has a bump on the gum which is not painful but has had a root canal. I am so besides myself because I was diligent about keeping apptments. , using a good braun toothbrush. and still I have this to contend with...what would you recommend?

Answer: I would not encourage the extraction of a healthy tooth. Your health has deteriorated so far it will be hard to get you back on track. I would recommend placing white oak bark powder on the gum. Get my book and improve your diet. Reduce sugar intake, and take as much vitamin C as you can, preferably from a food source. Look for a gum surgeon or someone who can try to treat the problem without removing the tooth.

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