Gum Recession - Know the Cause

The mainstream medical paradigm will have you believe that if you have gum recession then you are a victim of bacteria that creates waste products that inflame and dissolve gum tissue.

Gum recession is fairly common. To be clear, gum recession is simply when your gums start receding away from your teeth. Tooth brushing too vigorously near the gum line can, for some people, cause gum disease. Regular teeth cleanings to make sure no plaque is sticking to the teeth at the gum line can help. Using herbs such as white oak bark powder can help limit or even heal gum recession.

There is, however, a deeper issue at play when your gums are receding. Receding gums is a sign that your body cannot sustain healthy tissue in the lining of the entry to your digestive system (your mouth). Receding gums is caused by an imbalance in your calcium/phosphorus ratios in your blood stream. This seems to be caused primarily by an imbalance in the gut. In other words, your body cannot digest the foods you eat properly, thus there are waste/toxins in your body. As a result, the gum tissue starts to recede. (In other people this can cause tooth cavities.)

What do you need to do? You need to improve your digestion: eat carefully, eat whole foods, take in appropriate nutrients as whole food supplements and hopefully your gum disease can get better. I have made a list for free of some of the most helpful tips on healing gum disease.

Dietary Guidelines for Gum Recession

Are there certain foods you eat that are giving you indigestion? Pay attention to this. Are you eating enough fermented foods? Kefir, which is fermented whole milk is an excellent food to promote digestion. I do not recommend buying kefir in the store. But rather getting "kefir grains" and making your own kefir at home. Other fermented vegetables can help as well. Some people have healed their gum problems simply with raw milk. You will also want to get some tips from the foods that stop tooth decay, as foods that stop decay should be able to help reduce your gum disease issues.

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