Tooth Remineralization

Our body goes through the process of remineralization / demineralization on a daily basis.

Every day our body decides to remineralize teeth, or demineralize teeth. This decision is based on our own body's analysis of our blood chemistry, particularly the levels of nutrients in our blood. The body then changes the pH level in the mouth and this influences whether teeth mineralize (get harder) or demineralize (lose bone). The pH level of the mouth and body are symptoms and not causes of tooth decay.

If you want to remineralize your teeth. Then you need to change your diet and lifestyle.

A healthy diet is whole refined foods, including animal foods. It includes raw unpasteurized milk, vegetables, grassfed meats and organs, and lots of yummy butter.

It is important to avoid foods that will cause cavities. White sugar, or high fructose corn syrup, will contribute to tooth cavities not because it feeds bacteria in your mouth, but because it causes your blood sugar and body chemistry to fall out of balance, and then go into demineralization.

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Tip: Whole Grains Can Stop Tooth Mineralization

Whole grains can be a serious obstacle to tooth remineralization. The reason is that whole grains contain a toxic substance that has a "baneful" effect on teeth. This toxic substance is concentrated in the bran and the germ of the grain. If you want your teeth to remineralize, watch out for whole grains. Indigenous people generally remove the bran and germ of their grains to make them safe to eat. Learn more about how whole grains cause tooth decay.

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