Gum Loss

Gum loss caused by pyorrhea is an expression of the borrowing process and an expression of a body chemistry that is out of balance.

Dr. Price writes:

"We have many other expressions of this borrowing process. Much of what we have thought of as so-called pyorrhea, in which the bone is progressively lost from around the teeth thus allowing them to loosen, constitutes one of the most common phases of the borrowing process.

This tissue, with its lowered defense, rapidly becomes infected and we think of the process largely in terms of that infection. A part of the local process includes the deposit of so-called calculus and tartar about the teeth. These contain toxic substances which greatly irritate the flesh starting an inflammatory reaction. Many primitive peoples not only retain all of their teeth, many of them to an old age, but also have healthy flesh supporting these teeth."

"Nutrition, plus the frequent removal of deposits, plus suitable medication will check and prevent pyorrhea but not correct the damage that has already been done."

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