Severe Toothache Pain

Oh, the severe pain from a toothache. One of the most miserable feelings in life.

Why Is There Severe Toothache Pain?

Severe Toothache
(image ©: Flickr user) Notice what the person is eating: modern processed and overly sweet foods. Breakfast cereal, tea with sugar, and orange juice, probably from a container and not freshly squeezed. Conclusion - Modern Diet = Toothache Pain

Pain is a very healthy nerve sending signals to your brain and body that something is out of balance. Tooth pain happens when the sensitive nerve buried in the center of the tooth is exposed to substances from the mouth.

Within each tooth there are approximately three miles of microscopic tubes. The fluid in the tubes, when tooth decay is active, flows inwardly. That means that your body is sucking in the contents of your mouth, saliva, food debris and so forth, into the center of the tooth. If it enters too much into the nerve, you get pain. When tooth decay is not active, the fluid flows in an outward direction, cleansing the tooth and mouth from the inside out.

Why Is The Pain so Severe?

Various layers of your tooth are too weak to keep food and other substances out, and the nerve has become inflamed or agitated.

What Can I Do About This Severe Pain?

It's your choice what to do about toothache pain. You can go to a dentist, in which case they will likely recommend a root canal, which is not a fun procedure to have.

You can try to heal the toothache with nutrition. When it's severe, it takes lots of work. Here are some toothache pain food suggestions.

Can I Heal Toothache Pain Naturally?

Yes you can. Just be careful. If you are in poor health, don't try it. If you are in otherwise good health, then it is possible to heal. How? Follow the toothache pain suggestions for starters. Avoid all fruits and sweets. Avoid temporarily all grains. Frequently eat meals with proteins and fats (but not vegetable oils). Eat lots of unsalted butter, raw milk, and grassfed liver. Take some cod liver oil. Spilanthes is considered a toothache plant. If you can get it, it will help numb your mouth. But remember, root canals, topical treatments are just treatments. The real cause of the severe toothache is a lack of available nutrients in your body.

Don't be a masochist. If you are feeling doubts, or concerns, see a dentist. But they will likely recommend a root canal. Be prepared, and listen to what your body wants. People have cured their toothaches, even severe ones after reading my book. But take care, as do not expect information that is just online to be clear or sufficient enough to resolve your toothache.

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