Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is when you remove a tooth from the mouth. There are several reasons why tooth extractions are done; many times they are done to remove impacted wisdom teeth, or as a part of orthodontic procedures.

Why Tooth Extractions Are Performed

Tooth extractions are used as a treatment for tooth decay, even as a treatment for gum disease. As early as the 14th century it was believed that chronic infected teeth were linked to many diseases.

Modern tooth extractions are done with an unpleasant tool called forceps, which makes my mouth hurt just by looking at it, so I'll spare you the picture.

Are Orthodontic Tooth Extractions Necessary?

Usually tooth extractions are NOT necessary. Of course each and every case is different and some tooth extractions ARE necessary.

The reason I say that many times they are not necessary has to do with the reason for the extraction. If you have a wide dental arch, (upper and lower palate, or a wide mouth) then all of your teeth fit.

If you have a narrow dental arch, (narrow mouth) then your teeth won't all fit in your mouth.

Is the solution then to remove the teeth that do not fit, or to widen the arch so that they do fit?

With newer mouth-expanding appliances, tooth extractions for orthodontic reasons are rarely if ever needed.

Are Tooth Extractions Necessary for Decayed Teeth?

If an extraction is needed for a decayed tooth, then you should know that there are other methods to repair teeth, such as with nutrition. Most teeth do not need to be extracted. My suggestion is to try to save the tooth first before removing it.

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