Tooth Decay Myths and Facts

The dental establishment has taught false theories about the cause and prevention of tooth decay based on faulty science that does not work. These common myths about tooth decay are believed by the majority of the public. In my experience these beliefs are not accurate and they do not empower individuals to be free of cavities for life.

Myth: Brush your teeth with a fluoride-containing toothpaste to prevent cavities.

Fact: Fluoride is a deadly poison, don't brush your teeth with poison. Toothpaste sticks to teeth and prevents remineralization. I suggest tooth powder, tooth liquid or tooth herbs. (Tooth brushing is okay.) Fluoride makes the teeth brittle, as well as all the bones in your body, destroys your liver over time, and causes dental fluorosis.

Myth: Limit snacks to stop tooth decay. If sticky foods are eaten then you should brush your teeth soon afterwards to prevent cavities.

Fact: Indigenous tribes with sticky foods on their teeth did not get cavities. It is a good idea to limit sweet snacks as excessive use of sweets alters your blood sugar, but by all means, eat snacks if you are hungry. The problem is eating the life depleting foods when you snack. It is not the frequency of the snacking, but the food being used. If you avoid snacks, you may be depriving your body of nutrition from food. Good snacks should include healthy proteins and fats.

Myth: Supplemental fluoride strengthens your teeth and helps prevent cavities.

Fact: Fluoride bonds to our bone structure creating partially artificial tooth and bone. Fluoride is a deadly poison, and not a body building mineral. To strengthen your teeth you need minerals from whole foods, especially phosphorus. You need glue to hold the minerals in, that is accomplished by eating foods containing fat-soluble vitamins.

Myth: Drinking fluoridated water stops cavities. At least a pint of fluoridated water each day is needed to protect children from tooth decay.

Fact: Fluoridated water has been linked with cancer, and it pollutes your body, destroying your internal organs over time. Children are the most susceptible to fluoride poisoning because their organs are developing.

The Science Of Tooth Decay Prevention

We are told to believe that researchers are developing new means to prevent tooth decay. One such example are supposed studies that say that the sweetener xylitol will stop tooth decay-causing bacteria. Or that new devices which slowly release fluoride over time, to help prevent further decay, are being explored.

The reality is that a real cure to tooth decay has already been discovered, one that does not use poisonous chemicals, dental treatments, or fake cure-alls like xylitol sugar.

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