Raw Milk Beats Tooth Decay

This is an excerpt from Man Versus Toothache by Dr. Heard.

Anyway, after several years of practice in Albertville, the idea occurred to me that food might have something to do with building sound teeth along with sound bodies generally - but the idea was slow to register with me.

"[I]f the people only will eat Nature's food, produced in completely fertile soil, in ample variety, and will drink plenty of whole raw milk, produced from fertile pastures, they can avoid toothache and most other aches that commonly plague mankind.

Cows on Green Pasture

Raw unpasteurized milk from healthy grassfed animals has numerous health-promoting factors that are both known and unknown. Pasteurized milk can cause arthritis and gum disease. Raw milk contains fat-soluble vitamins and enzymes which make it easy to digest.

Raw Milk and Enzymes

Raw milk is rich in lactase, the enzyme destroyed by pasteurization. Raw milk is much easier to digest than pasteurized milk because of this enzyme. Most children cannot digest pasteurized milk and are diagnosed as lactose intolerant. These people have no problem digesting raw milk.

Raw Milk For Pregnancy - Pregnant mothers need extra calcium. You can ensure that your child will have healthy teeth and bones by consuming raw grassfed milk during pregnancy.

Problems with Pasteurized Milk

Pasteurized milk comes from cows that are injected with antibiotics. These cows are denied the right to feed on green grass. Confinement milk does not have the full nutritional value of grassfed milk. The benefits of raw milk have been noted all the way back to the time of Hippocrates. Nobody is espousing or promoting the benefits of pasteurized milk. It does not cure any diseases or make anybody healthier. Milk is no longer the healing entity it was because it is now pasteurized.

Raw Milk Calcium for Teeth

Raw milk is a calcium rich substance that nourishes our teeth and bones. Many people do not get enough calcium in their daily diet. Many people have forsaken milk because they have become allergic to it. Many people who are allergic to pasteurized milk can drink raw milk without any problems. Furthermore, when the animals are grassfed, which is usually the case with certified raw milk, the the calcium in the milk is of the highest quality. That means your body will be able to make the most use of it to produce strong teeth and bones.


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