Glycerin In Your Toothpaste

Glycerin is a colorless and smell-less liquid that can be obtained from lard, tallow and usually from other more caustic sources.

Glycerin has a sweet flavor or taste.

Glycerin is syrup-like, oily, and remains a fluid. Glycerin is also a main by-product from biodiesel production. The name comes from the Greek word glykys meaning sweet. Glycerin is a sweetening and preserving agent used in toothpaste.

Glycerin attracts moisture. It is a natural by-product of old fashioned soap production. Glycerin is also used to make dynamite. Familiar with the term nitroglycerin?

Real glycerin is made by removing it from animal fat (lard or tallow) using lye. However, modern processing methods may use cancer-causing chemicals as a part of glycerin production in slaughterhouses designed for soap production. It of course depends where the glycerin comes from. We don't know what glycerin is used in toothpastes, whether it is from lard, corn or from biodiesel processing. It depends on the manufacturer. Glycerin is also used as solvent, antifreeze and lubricant.

One great way to avoid glycerin is to buy herbal tooth powder. Not all tooth powder's are good to use regularily because some are too abrasive.

More About Glycerin in Toothpaste

My opinion is that excessive sweetness of glycerin makes it harmful to the body. It seems to be like a type of highly processed syrup.

Late chemist Gerard Judd pioneered the concept that glycerin in toothpaste would stick to teeth. Glycerin is just one of those products that seems like it is okay in soap, on your skin, if it is from a natural source. But why would you want a moisturizing substance in your mouth?

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