Nutritional Tooth Cavity Healing History

In my younger years, I never spent much time thinking about teeth. I assumed that my good diet would keep me free from cavities for my entire life. Yet the glass of my limited beliefs was shattered the day my partner and I observed that our one-year-old daughter had a small, light-brown spot on the top of her front tooth. I wasn’t sure if this spot was a cavity or not.

Days, weeks and then months went by. To our horror, the spot continued to grow and other teeth also began discoloring. As a natural health care-oriented parent, who protects my daughter from chemical exposure in the forms of processed junk foods and western drugs, I was extremely concerned at the thought of taking my precious little girl to a dentist for a dental treatment. Can you imagine what a dental treatment would be like for a toddler? A one-and-a-half-year-old child cannot sit still for a dentist and would not be able to understand the ordeal she was being put through. The typical dental treatment prescribed for young children involves surgery under general anesthesia. Recently I learned that, as an alternative, some pediatric dentists can use local anesthesia or ozone gas.

How to Avoid Dental Drilling

Wanting to avoid traumatic anesthesia and surgery for my daughter and not wanting to have her teeth pulled, I was left in a grave dilemma. I had to decide whether to subject her to a dental treatment ¾ which to me was inappropriately violent for a small child who was not experiencing any pain or suffering ¾ or I had to find the real cause of cavities. Only through grace, persistence, and hard work did I find a cure. At the peak of my daughter's tooth decay her teeth disintegrated so rapidly that the first decayed tooth crumbled apart within a period of a few weeks. This caused me and my partner Michelle much distress, along with feelings of helplessness. While my daughter's teeth were decaying, I was diagnosed with four new cavities. I was not prepared to have more synthetic materials added to my overburdened body. At the same time as the new diagnosis of four cavities, I was also feeling a great deal of sensitivity on the sides of many of my molars, near the gum lines — a condition which I now know is called abfraction.

Nutritional Cavity Healing Results

Now, nearly six years after the original decay, my teeth, once sensitive and loose in my mouth, are now firmly embedded and strong. The sensitive spots have hardened dramatically. Although my daughter's teeth continued to decay to a tiny amount, her teeth have protected themselves. Even with two teeth worn to the gum line, she has no pain, no sign of any infection and no problem eating hard foods (such as peanuts and ice cubes). These results were not accomplished by luck, nor by some special product, chemical, or dental treatment, but by food alone.

necessary, and the only sane next step. As you read on, you will learn a more accurate theory as to why teeth decay. You will find guidelines for reversing tooth decay as well as the answers to many common questions.

The essential keys to remineralizing teeth, and thus preventing or healing tooth decay, are not found only in this book. The answers are within you. This is a guidebook designed to help you establish and implement your own healing diet. By restoring the delicate balance of your body, this diet will build bones and provide you with increased health.

In addition to this protocol, my intention is to inform and guide you. The goal is to become educated about your oral health and to discover why teeth decay. We can reclaim our dental health by not relying on outer authority figures and organizations to tell us what is best for us. When you understand the causes of cavities you become empowered to make better choices for yourself.

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