Cavities and Their Natural Treatments

Tooth cavities happen when your tooth dentine and enamel break down. Rather than a strong layer of enamel on the surface of your teeth, you now have a hole. The subject of debate in popular dentistry is: how did the cavities happen?

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Why Does Your Tooth Develop a Cavity?

According to conventional dentistry, bacteria that form acids and live in dental plaque are the cause of tooth decay. The conventional theory also says that our diet contributes to tooth decay. Finally, whenever someone has a cavity, the assumption by conventional dentistry is that the cavity formed because the individual did not take care of their teeth by brushing or flossing. Another belief is that a tooth cavity formed because the individual did not use enough fluoride via their water or toothpaste. Heredity is also named as a cause of tooth decay.

Types of Cavities

These different cavity types simply refer to definitions used to describe the location and type of cavity.

  1. Coronal cavities are the most common cavity. Coronal cavities are located on the top of the teeth or between the teeth. These happen due to a poor diet.
  2. Root cavities occur on the root of the tooth when part of the tooth's root is exposed. These usually occur due to a combination of a poor diet and bite stresses. Bite stresses are usually caused by a previous round of braces and other orthodontics.
  3. Recurrent tooth decay refers to cavities that form around existing fillings and crowns. (This can be the worst since the tooth has already been drilled and filled.) These happen because of the wear on the tooth by the current filling.

Dentists and Cavities

A dentist examines your teeth using x-rays and a dental probe. On x-rays cavities can appear as dark spots, or look like small volcanic explosions. If your dentist discovers a cavity, he or she uses the dental probe to confirm that there is a soft or sticky spot. To fix it the dentist removes the rotted part of your tooth with a drill, after giving you a few shots of Novocain. The dentist then fills the hole in your tooth with a special material, hopefully not containing mercury or other toxic substances.

Preventing Cavities Naturally

  1. Avoid processed and dangerous foods.
  2. Use tooth powder or other alternatives rather than toothpaste, since the paste can stick on teeth.
  3. Eat foods that are organic and high in minerals.
  4. Do not eat excessive amounts of sweets, including tropical fruits if eaten several times daily. Try to limit your fruit/sweet intake to once or twice per day, not five times a day and do not sweeten every meal. Many people are addicted to sweet food because it is a temporary substitute for real nourishment from foods high in organic fats and minerals.

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