Prevalence of Tooth Decay (Cure Cavities Tour Part VI)

You are not the only one who has had cavities.

By the age of 39, 86.7% of the United States population has had at least one tooth affected by decay.

Immunity to Tooth Decay in the United States

Age Group
Average Number of Decayed Missing or Filled Teeth Per Person
Percent of Decayed Missing or Filled Teeth Per 100 teeth, est.
Percent of Age Group Affected by Tooth Decay

Data from Centers for Disease Control

For these charts, the third molars (wisdom teeth) were excluded from the data. That means, on average, US adults have even more missing teeth than the figures presented, since many adults have had their wisdom teeth removed. For ages 2-5 I assumed 20 total teeth, for ages 6-11 I made my averages assuming 24 total teeth, and for ages 12 and older the assumption is 28 total teeth.

What This Chart Means For You

The survey results are averaged from a study of over 16,000 U.S. residents between the years 1999-2002.

When you look at the column "Percent of Decayed Missing or Filled Teeth Per 100 teeth," you will see that 2-5 year olds for example, have 5.05% of teeth affected by tooth decay. This means if you take all of the 2-5 year old children, and count all of their teeth, how many are healthy, and how many have decay, about 5% of all teeth will have some decay. 27.9% of 2-5 year old children have tooth decay.

Without Proper Nutrition, The Older You Get, The More Decay You Have

Prevalence Of Tooth Decay CDC Graph

What I want to point out to you is that, overall, the older people get, the more teeth they have that are decayed. The chart shows the total population with tooth decay.

What this means for you is that it is likely your tooth decay will get worse over time, unless you take action to make it better.

Cure Tooth Decay Book Excerpt

If dental drilling, root canals, tooth pulling, mass water fluoridation, tooth brushing and toothpastes were the proper treatments for cavities, then we would not see this increase of tooth decay over time. Instead we would see a decrease in cavities over time, or at least the level should hold steady.

In general, the older people become the more they are flossing, brushing and having their teeth drilled. It would follow then that their tooth decay should not get worse since they are following the prescribed protocol. Are we to assume that over 90 percent of the population is not following the prescribed protocol or… is something fundamentally wrong with this "modern" approach to preventing and halting cavities?

This chart is proof that tooth decay is caused by physical degeneration. The longer you live on a nutrient devoid diet, the more symptoms of physical decay you will have, like cavities.

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