Tooth Pain and Toothache Natural Remedies

Tooth pain happens when the nerve is inflamed. Generally this occurs due to compromised enamel which is allowing material to enter directly into the pulp (the center of your tooth). This is primarily caused by the process of demineralization - the loss of minerals from your teeth. This makes your enamel weak, which eventually leads to pain and inflammation. The solution is to use both topical treatments as well as internal treatments to change the root cause of loss of minerals from your teeth. Sometimes the pain can also actually be gum pain, from gum disease or from other gum problems; just be aware of this.

ToothAche from a Painful Tooth

Tooth Pain Home Remedy Suggestions

I have never had a significant toothache. The reason is because I have made my teeth strong and healthy with a careful diet. In addition to the quick home remedies below, I urge you to understand the real cause of tooth pain, and see how you can take long term steps to get your teeth out of pain. Some suggestions have been reported to work by other people.

  • olive oil soaked on cotton applied to the tooth
  • vanilla extract or almond extract applied to your tooth
  • cut a slice of onion and put it into your mouth near pain
  • crushed garlic on the tooth
  • oregano oil
  • clove oil
  • golden seal powder
  • baking soda swished in mouth
  • oil pulling (swishing in the mouth organic sesame seed oil for 5-10 minutes)
  • Marine grade coral calcium applied to the tooth or mouth
  • Other: Ozone treatments from a dentist.

Also see the related page for healing gum pain and gum disease naturally.

Mouth Pain, Driving Me Insane

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Types of Tooth Pain

This will help you get an idea of what type of problem you have. This is not meant to be a replacement for dental advice, but to help you understand what you are needing.

Pain: Temporary sensitivity to hot or cold foods without recent dental work.

Meaning: Minor breech of nerve or beginning gum disease.


Pain: Lasting sensitivity and more constant awareness of hot or cold foods without recent dental work.

Meaning: The pulp is likely infected, the tooth may be cracked or chipped, or the beginning of gum disease.


Pain: Temporary sensitivity to hot or cold foods after recent dental treatment.

Meaning: Dental work can cause pulp inflammation which would be an intense but very short pain. Tooth pulp should heal within 2-4 weeks.

Painful Tooth

Pain: Lasting or prolonged sensitivity and constant awareness of hot or cold foods after recent dental treatment.

Meaning: The cavity may have been too close to pulp and dental treatment did not protect the pulp sufficiently. One person wrote to me about this issue after having their mercury amalgams replaced. Dentists will normally recommend root canals to treat this.


Pain: Sharp pain from biting down on food

Painful Bite

Possible Meanings:

  • Loose Filling
  • Tooth Decay
  • Cracked or Fractured Tooth
  • Infection

Pain: Constant and severe pain with pressure, swelling of the gum, and sensitivity to touch.

Meaning: Dental abscess(infection).


Pain: The tooth hurts when you tap your finger from the side.

Meaning: The periodontal ligament is degenerating or inflamed

Extraction of Tooth is Painful

Reversing Toothache Testimonial

I was in pain and the cheek had actually started to swell up. Within three weeks of trying the diet I could tell I was turning the corner. The tooth stopped hurting; my teeth all over became whiter. After over a month on the diet it is hard for me to fell which tooth was bothering me. When I look at it in the mirror it still has a hole but the tooth feels like it is healing. Thanks a million to Ramiel Nagel for writing this book. Unbelievable!

Leroy, Utah

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