Gum Disease Natural Treatments

Are your gums receding? Learn what you can do about it.

1. Understand the Real Cause

Our bodies were designed to support healthy teeth and healthy gums for the majority of our lives. Since many of us do not have healthy teeth our entire lives, something must be wrong. Is the imbalance that caused unhealthy gums something that has randomly happened to us, perhaps from not flossing enough? Or, is it our lifestyle, the way we are living, that has caused gum disease?

2. Accept Responsibility for Gum Disease

If you are not a victim of bacterial gum disease, and somehow your habits have caused the disease, then you can be empowered to make a change. The second step is accept that you are responsible for causing and treating the illness. Responsibility is different from blame. It is not your fault, since in general the media, schools, doctors, dentists and the government miseducate us, but it is now your responsibility to understand why, and to take control. Reclaim it!

3. Heal Your Body to Reduce Gum Disease

Using special foods, you can heal your body. I encourage the use of a diet consisting of nutrient dense whole and unrefined foods. You also must avoid foods that harm your body. In my book, I describe what foods I suggest to reverse tooth decay; the same should work for gum degeneration. The best solution for healing the body is one that not many people want to endeavor to take - utilizing whole foods (animal foods, not just fruits and vegetables). I suggest minimizing consumption of all sweet foods, and replacing them with vegetables, proteins, and fats. In my book I offer a list of special foods that need to be eaten; at the very least, they should help the condition.

4. Natural Remedies

The category of natural remedies is not meant as the sole solution. This solution must be used in combination with a diet for long term results. Natural treatments can be great healers, but why not address the root cause, the biochemical imbalance and the misfunctioning body, that can be corrected through dietary adjustments?

Keep in mind, I have not personally tested these following treatments; some of these have been referred to me, others I have found on my own.

Herbs for Gum Disease

Goldenseal powder placed on the tooth or adjacent tooth tissue may help heal or minimize gum disease symptoms.

White Oak Bark (Powdered)

A Gum Surgeon’s Worst $2.65 Nightmare—White Oak Bark Powder

There was a story by Dr. Moffat of a man who had bleeding, infected gums with pus coming out of the gum. His dentist wanted to do $1600 worth of gum surgery. Two months later, using white oak bark powder, his teeth were healed.

"Myrrh gum powder quickly cleared up a slight but long-standing gum infection for me."

Add a few dropperfuls of it to the water in the waterpik, otherwise it kind of makes you want to cough.

Tooth & Gum Oil - For receding, rotting gums and teeth, diseased dental bone


* 10 oz Echinacea Tincture
* ¼ cup Tea tree oil
* 4 oz Bayberry tincture
* 2 oz Oak Gall (or 3x oak bark) tincture
* 2 Tablespoons Cayenne tincture
* 2.5 dropperfuls Peppermint oil
* 2.5 dropperfuls Clove oil

Shake well before use.

Also see the related page of treating tooth pain naturally.

"Gum Cure" Products

These products may work, but they are usually extremely overpriced. Again, these products will not likely cure the gum disease over the long term because they don't inhibit the physical degeneration of the body.

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