Wisdom Teeth and Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the back teeth, also referred to as third molars. They typically come in around ages 15-25 years. Here you will learn about wisdom teeth, why they come in crooked, wisdom teeth extraction and alternatives to wisdom teeth extraction.

Wisdom Teeth

Extracted Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Tooth Xray

X-ray of Wisdom Tooth Growing The Wrong Way

Why Are My Wisdom Teeth Crooked?

Did nature design us the wrong way? Actually, nature designed us with a perfect plan and map in mind. That is to have straight wisdom teeth.

Healthy Smile, Straight Wisdom TeethHealthy Smile, Straight Wisdom Teeth

The native people seen in these pictures have their wisdom teeth. When our diet is poor during our growing years, from when we were born (and even before) up to about 18 years old, our bones do not form properly. This condition is called "intercepted heredity." It is just like a plant grown in poor soil, whose roots could not sink in deep enough. Such a plant didn't grow properly. Modern humans, with a deficient diet from processed foods and poor soils, don't usually grow properly. As a result, the wisdom teeth can become impacted.

If our jaw is not wide enough due to a poor diet, then when the wisdom teeth come in, there is not enough space for them. As a result, they come in out of balance.

Do I need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

You will want to get a recommendation of a qualified dentist, but NO, you do not have to get your wisdom teeth removed. If there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth, then when they grow in they can cause irritations within the jaw, due to them placing pressure on the nerves in the teeth or jaw.

Removing your teeth is a wound to the body. It places a burden upon it. So take care and consideration before deciding to have your wisdom teeth removed. When teeth are extracted, the periodontal ligament should also be removed and the holes carefully cleaned.

Update: After additional research I found a report which demonstrates that a significant number of wisdom tooth extractions are not necessary.

If your jaw is wide enough and your wisdom teeth come in straight, then there is no reason to remove them.

An Alternative To Wisdom Teeth Removal

It is possible to retain wisdom teeth if you can help your jaw widen enough to keep the teeth relatively straight. This can be accomplished by eating healthy foods, such as grassfed butter, raw (not pasteurized) milk from grassfeeding cows, and lots of grassfed liver. Or dental arch widening can be accomplished by using a dental appliance which slowly and carefully expands the dental arch. One such appliance is called the A.L.F. - Advanced Lightwire Functional. Consult with your holistic dentist to find a practitioner in your area.

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