Foods That Cause Demineralization That Can Lead to Abscessing Teeth

Foods to immediately remove from your diet. Remember these are temporarily guidelines meant to calm inflammation and get you feeling better. It is your choice to what guidelines you follow. I am simply here to inform you of foods that will likely promote cavities which can lead to tooth abscess. This is a short summary.

Worst Offenders for Tooth Abscess Formation

An abscess will usually occur within 0-48 hours of consumption of the offending substance.

#1. High Fructose Corn Syrup – you will find this in candy bars, ice cream, cookies and cakes, sports drinks and soft drinks. Fructose does not raise your blood sugar, but offers a tremendous insult to your internal body chemistry. The reason is because the l-fructose in the high fructose syrup is a synthetic sugar. Your body cannot recognize it and it acts as a debilitating poison. Do not underestimate the power of this substance, one meal with it can lead to a severe infection in someone who is not in ideal health.

#2. White Flour – This is in pasta, breakfast cereals, bread, pizza and pastries. White flour will raise your blood sugar level, deplete key trace minerals, and upset the balance of your glandular system. I have heard stories of white flour immediately causing abscess when consumed.

Other Foods that Will Cause Abscessed Teeth

Eliminate these foods from your diet until the abscess heals. These are not meant to be permanent dietary solutions although they can be if you want.

#1. Alcohol – It will pull minerals out of your bones, interfere with how your body uses protein, and raise blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Note: some cough medications or other medications contain alcohol.

#2. Caffeine – Depletes trace minerals and is poisonous to your body.

#3. Chocolate – It is more of the sugar in the chocolate than it is the cocoa bean itself. However avoid chocolate for now to be safe.

#4. Bread and Whole Grains – Most people wonder why they get cavities if they eat sprouted bread and whole grain bread. It is because grains contain potent anti-nutrients like phytate. Phytate will combine with the minerals in your body needs to make healthy teeth including phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Avoid all grains until your problem gets better.

#5. Fruit – You thought fruit was safe and natural because it comes from nature. But fruit still contains sugar. And sugar will still affect your body chemistry balance. Remove all fruit from your diet until your infection is healed.

#6. Other Sweets – Don’t eat anything sweet at all. Don’t eat honey, maple syrup, agave nectar or any fake sugars. No sweets until your tooth abscess is better.

#7 Pasteurized Milk – is usually from feed lot cows and is toxic to the human body.

#8 Table Salt – effects potassium levels negatively in your blood.

#9. Medications and Vaccines – Either of these can have drastic effects on your body chemistry. If you are still taking medications then it may be extremely difficult to heal an abscess as many medications alter the normal mineral metabolism in the body.

Foods That you Should be Eating Lots of to Prevent Infection

Instead of eating foods that deplete your body, you can replace your diet with foods that help support your body. You can find more detailed explanations of what to eat and why in Cure Tooth Decay.

#1. Protein – Have some chicken, fish, beef, eggs, or cheese. Protein is a body builder.

#2. Healthy fats – Healthy fat comes from healthy animals. Eat lots of butter. Kerrygold unsalted is one brand which is easy to find in most stores. Grassfed butter is the best. Coconut oil should also help. You can also order online some excellent ghee from grassfed butter. Ghee is clarified butter. It is great for eating like butter, cooking, and as a skin lotion.

#3. Liver, liver everywhere – Hold your nose if you have to, or buy some cod liver oil. Liver provides essential vitamins to the body in an easy to use form.





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