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Weston Price - That a Clean Tooth Does Not Decay and that Mouth Cleanliness Affords the Best Known Protection Against Dental Caries - (II) Immunity and susceptibility can be clinically altered at will by modifying the nutrition.

This article was written by Weston Price.

If, as seems indicated in the data just submitted, the loss immunity to dental caries is caused by an inadequate quantity of minerals and activators as provided in the daily diet, it should be possible by nutrition reinforcement to change individuals from a state of high susceptibility or loss of immunity to a state in which caries ceases to be active.

I have previously reported several groups who have been treated and in which dental caries have been reduced more than 90 per cent. I have been accomplishing this for ten years in individuals in clinical practice.

In addition to individuals in clinical practice, I have selected groups of children in districts where the industrial depress has more seriously curtailed incomes, and consequently has reduced nutrition. Severe cases of dental caries have been given a reinforcement of the nutrition in order to determine the effect of that procedure upon the progress of the dental caries. This has been based upon a reinforcement of the mineral and activator content of the nutrition.

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In three mission clinic groups of children selected because of their high susceptibility to dental caries, who had their nutrition reinforced by the addition of fat-soluble activators obtained from high vitamin butter and high vitamin sea foods, particularly liver oils, together with foods that are rich in needed minerals in proportion to the calories, the active caries has been practically completely controlled. This was provided in one meal a day.

This complete control of dental caries was accomplished without making any change in the oral prophylaxis program. Associated with this reinforcement of the nutrition the decalcified dentin of open cavities was remineralized and in pulps that were nearly exposed by the decalcification process, zones of normal dentin were built in, walling off the approaching caries. This remineralization of the dentin is illustrated by the increase in density, as indicated by the inability of silver nitrate to penetrate the previously decalcified dentin, as shown in Fig. 7. The dentin in many cases became so dense that when scratched with a steel instrument it produced a metallic tone. An illustration of the building in of a protective wall of dentin is shown in Fig. 8.

Next part of the article. (III) The controlling Factors for Immunity Can Be Shown To Be In The Saliva and Can be Traced From Plants to Animal Tissues and Sera.

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