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Dental Abuse: When a dentist abuses your mouth or body. This is usually done to enhance the dentist's profit.

Dental abuse can be physical, emotional, or both.

I became aware of the problem of dental abuse as people began writing to me about horrible dental experiences. Here's my definition of Dental Abuse:

  • When a dental treatment makes you feel worse instead of better.
  • When a dentist tells a mother to stop breastfeeding.
  • Performing unnecessary treatments.
  • Coercing you or forcing you into treatments you do not feel confident about.
  • Performing treatments without clear indicators that a treatment is necessary; this is especially common with root canals.
  • Performing a treatment that is overly aggressive, such as drilling a hole in your tooth bigger than necessary.
  • Performing dental surgery on children when it is unnecessary.
  • Placing the profit of the dentist before the needs of the patient.
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Some dentists coerce patients into receiving certain dental treatments that are not necessary. Perhaps in our culture this is considered normal. Too many people have written to me with accounts of how their dentist accused them or blamed them for having cavities. This can be considered a subtle form of abuse. Some dentists try to take the final decision-making power away from their patients. The more procedures a dentist performs, the more money he makes...

If you feel mistreated by your dentist, speak up. Leave the office immediately if necessary, and get a refund. Although there are many poor dentists, I have heard many promising stories of dentists, both conventional and holistic, who go out of their way to help patients. A dentist is a regular person like you or me, and they have their faults.

Readers Speak Out About Dental Abuse

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"I watched your video and understood. I felt like crying because I'm 20 years old, living in philadelphia with health problems and doctors are liars who cause more problems then solutions. I have already had ten baby teeth pulled to rush braces, then a retainer I couldn't wear which hurt. I had two cavities filled poorly, one of which became a root canal, and had eight more cavities filled. I fear I have more and my teeth always feel weak, sensitive or sore. I have had constant headaches and debilitating migraines for years. My dentist told me my mouth was overcrowded and to have my wisdom teeth removed. I just recently had them removed and have more headaches and now my jaw feels weak. I'm scared for my health."


"What I am wondering is if there is an alternative. I can't understand why the bridge is hurting me other then it crossing the meridian of the mouth. When the bridge has been out in the past while waiting for the permanent to be done or when it came out and waiting to have it put back in I definitely very slowly started feeling better, and the huge thing was the water weight starting to dissipate when it was out. I'm thinking to leave it out for a month and see how I feel, but then if I do feel much better like I have in the past, what solution do i have?"


"Anyway, the dental hygienist told me it was a typical kids' caries, and also told me to stop breastfeeding him at night, which meant stop breastfeeding. They never told me the cause of caries, that it was bacteria, and never told me if it's treatable, never told me of infections, etc... Just told me to brush regulary, and stop breastfeeding at night. Then I did some research on the internet, read about it, and just then my nightmares started, when it said that it's all mother's fault, passing the bacteria and breastfeeding child to sleep. I feel so guilty, and I can't find the solution to this problem, how to stop the caries and reverse the process. Then I found your site, and it gave me some hope"


"My baby has bad teeth. She is breastfed at night and I am preparing to see the dentist who will blame the milk but now I can show her this evidence. Thanks for all the information and I hope I can help her recover now."


"Thank you for your website. I have a 17 month old with neonatal line enamel hyperplasia and my dentist wants him to be put under and have work done. I am in the process of changing our diets due to the info you shared. Thank you very much!"

More stories of bad dentistry.

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