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Fix Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a result of the loss of minerals in your tooth. How do you fix this problem? Please consider what it is that you truly want to accomplish when you think of "fixing" your teeth. Are you wanting the problem to go away? To be hidden? Do you want to address the root of the cavity?

You can heal and remineralize your cavities fast when your change your diet. But what about fixing them? Your dentist can drill a big hole in your tooth and fill it with a composite filling material to hide the evidence of tooth decay.

But that really doesn't "fix" the problem of tooth decay. Tooth decay is not something that you can really fix. You can heal it, you can remineralize it.

Who Can Fix Your Tooth Decay?

You and only you can repair your cavities. All a dentist can do is hide the evidence of tooth decay. The average filling lasts 5-12 years. So if you let the dentist fix tooth decay for you. Then in a few years you will have another decayed tooth.

Fixing Tooth Decay Means Addressing The Cause

The real cause of tooth decay is a lack of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals in your diet. Repairing tooth decay means keeping your mouth clean and healthy. But your mouth doesn't need to be clean because of germs. It needs to be clean because when your teeth are out of balance, they pull in minerals and substances from inside your mouth to within your tooth.

Cure Tooth Decay

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