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Edward Mellanby Spoke Before the American Medical Association to Explain How to Have Perfect Teeth with Diet

"In any case it seems possible to predict that we are within reasonable distance of getting complete control of dental caries by diet alone, both by producing perfect teeth and even when the teeth are badly formed, by inhibiting the destructive action of bacteria on the teeth."

This statement was made by Dr. Edward Mellanby of the University of Sheffield, England, in an address given before the eighty-first annual session of the American Medical Association.

It was based on comprehensive investigation on adults and on children, running for several years.

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Edward Mellanby American Medical Association

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The work has been done by Dr. Mellanby and various physicians and dentists associated with him. The diets they use supply plenty of vitamin D. Among the foods and medicines which occupy a prominent place in their diets are meat, eggs, and cod liver oil. In their opinion decay of a tooth is dependent more on the poor quality of the tooth substance that it is on the action of bacteria and decomposing food. A good diet has some power to change a tooth of poor structure into one of better quality.

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