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Braces: Do We Need Them?

Typically we think of facial beauty, facial features, and an overall strong body as a feature of good genetic traits. Contrary to popular belief, it is not good genetics, but good nutrition that forms the properly wide dental arch (upper and lower jaw) that gives space for all of our teeth to come in straight.

Dental Arch

The dental arch refers to the space at the top and bottom of our mouth. The shape of the arch is highlighted in red below. Having a wide dental arch is required for all of our teeth to come in straight. You can also see in the images the sutures which are part of the skull bones. The red line represents the dental arch.

Wide Well-Formed Dental Arch

Well Formed Dental Arch

Below: Narrow and Poorly Formed Dental Arch

Narrow Dental Arch

The Dental Arch seen in this picture is a tooth mold with a breakthrough orthodontic appliance called A.L.F - Advanced Lightwire Functional

Poor Tooth and Jaw Formation are Related to our Diet

Esteemed dentist, Weston Price explains:

"It is most remarkable and should be one of the most challenging facts that can come to our modern civilization that such primitive races as the Aborigines of Australia have reproduced for generation after generation through many centuries - no one knows for how many thousands of years - without the development of a conspicuous number of irregularities of the dental arches. Yet, in the next generation after these people adopt the foods of the white man, a large percentage of the children developed irregularities of the dental arches with conspicuous facial deformities. The deformity patterns are similar to those seen in white civilizations."
Price, W., Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Patterns Produced after Adopting Modern Food of the "White Man"

narrow dental arch
Image: Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All Rights Reserved Worldwide,

"Note the marked difference in facial and dental arch form of the two Samoan primitives above and the two modernized below. The face bones are underdeveloped below causing a marked constriction of the arches with crowding of the teeth. This is a typical expression of inadequate nutrition of the parents."


Fully Developed Dental Arches

Aborignine Dental Arch
Image: Copyright © Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation®. All Rights Reserved Worldwide,

Can Braces Be Avoided?

Yes, braces can be avoided. I had braces when I was growing up, they where absolutely horrible. They do not have long term results, and my teeth feel all disjointed and out of place.

As I grew up, many of my teeth went out of alignment. The problem was not that my teeth were genetically crooked, but that I was eating such a poor diet, that my dental arch did not grow to its full potential.

If your child needs braces, please consider some alternatives which can limit or even avoid your child's need for braces. Rather than pushing teeth in different directions, more advanced dental appliances focus on the root cause of crooked teeth, a narrow upper and lower jaw. By expanding the jaw carefully, your child will appear more attractive and their body will be guided to a more anatomically balanced face. This will then make room for their teeth.

Orthodontic alternatives to braces include:

ALF - advance lightwire functional, widens the dental arch, realigns the facial bones.

SOMA - a holistic device that can dramatically realign the dental arch and cranial bones.

CROZAT - a system for widening the dental arch.

Myobrace - a plastic dental arch widening system.

Othrotropics  - They call braces "train tracks."

Great article, cranial bones and health.

Tooth grinding - one cause.

The recent edition of "Cure Tooth Decay" contains further information on orthodontics, bite, and what you can do to improve your health through bite therapy. It also teaches parents what to feed their children to ensure the widest possible palate, although the period of the time before conception and the time during pregnancy is when the template for the child's jaw is set.

As a result, some children will get limited results from dietary intervention, while others will get enormous improvement in the dental arch.

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Cure Tooth Decay

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