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Avoid Dentures By Making Your Teeth Strong

Dentures are used to replace all or most missing teeth on either the top or bottom of the mouth. Primarily it is a healthy diet that can prevent us from losing our teeth.

People lose their teeth because, over time, their bodies are deteriorating. Most of our physical deterioration and degeneration which we think of as "natural" with age, is not natural at all. What we call aging, to some degree, is how the body responds over time to the way we live. Our modern foods, our modern drinks, and our modern lifestyle destroy our body's ability to maintain health, and eventually, to even maintain teeth in our mouth.

When you are missing teeth, not much can be done. But for those of us who still have them, we need to change our diet, so we can be healthy and keep our natural teeth long, so as to avoid getting dentures.

Tooth loss in the mouth is the same as bone loss in the rest of the body. In other words, it isn't osteoporosis, but ODONTOporosis. How do we stop bone loss?

Avoid Dentures by Changing Your Diet

Our bodies need absorbable minerals, in particular calcium and phosphorus, to build healthy teeth and bones. One of the best sources is raw, unpasteurized milk from cows or goats grazing on pastures.

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Cure Tooth Decay

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