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Fluoride In the Water - What You Need to Know about This Toxic Poison

Fluoride in the water is a deadly poison. High fluoridated Chinese communities (natural fluoride) had children who were completely lethargic, with jaw and dental arch deformities. Obviously one can conclude that fluoride affects the growth and development of the face.

This must be part of the reason why we have an orthodontist on every corner?

91% of water supplies have fluoride from the pollution of the phosphate fertilizer industry and other industries that use fluoride like the semiconductor industry.

What Kind of Fluoride is in the Water?

Most fluoridated water supplies in the US now do not just have fluoride, but a compound called hydrofluorosilic acid.

A brief view of how it is made is by mixing ground phosphate rock with sulfuric acid created a volatile reaction. Silicon tetrafluoride is created, and then fluoride is removed from the gas stream, with some silica then removed from it. Yum, that sounds like what I want in my drinking water (NOT).

A strange property of this substance is that it can extract lead from brass. So all that solder to weld our pipes together, and all the length of pipe the fluoridated water moves through will extract lead from the pipes, making sure there is not just fluoride, but lead in our drinking water as well.

Calcium is the antidote to hydrofluoriaslisic acid. Since teeth are made of an important part of calcium, it is likely that fluoridated water is pulling calcium or binding to calcium in the body. Which explains dental fluorosis, white spots on teeth due to exposure from fluoride

Is Fluoride Natural?

Fluoride is the 13th most abundant mineral on the planet. It is everywhere. It is in the soil, but in the soil it is tied to magnesium or calcium. So it won't harm you too much.

However fluoride extracted by industry is no longer bound to magnesium or calcium, so it can bind to anything, like glass or concrete. That is why fluoride is used to etch computer chips, and is conveniently washed down the drain; since society accepts it as a benefit, it doesn't have to be saved as toxic waste.

It is Just a Small Amount of Fluoride in Water, Right?

Yes and No. A little bit of something highly toxic to humans becomes a lot. One part per million fluoride will kill cells as seen on videos. That translates to be about one milligram per gulp of water. (Now we are starting to talk about noticeable levels.) Several milligrams of fluoride are also absorbed through pool water and shower water. Prescribed drugs. Wine from California, and beer from Milwaukee with fluoride in the water.

Fluoride falls into the same category as lead and arsenic. It is an element which has no benefit for the human body, but rather a xenobiotic. (BAD STUFF)

But Fluoride Stops Tooth Decay, Doesn't It?

That is a bold-faced lie. Good food, high in minerals and fat-soluble vitamins stops tooth decay. Three separate court cases concluded that there is no benefit to fluoride

21 studies show that fluoride lowers IQ or causes IQ damage.

Well-established in the scientific literature. One part per million of sodium fluoride given to a rat, the same that 160,000,000 americans drink per day. The rat has microscopically visible lesions in the brain arteries and kidneys.

National Academy of Science (Science Arm of Congress) was charged to identify the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal of water fluoride. This is the level in which one can conclude that there will be no noticeable effects from the dosage. The National Academy of Science in 2006 unanimously voted that the safe level of fluoride was much lower than the one part per million currently used. It would also indicate that the water many Americans are drinking may be hazardous to their health.

Even the American Dental Association Published New Findings Against Fluoride

"Children's cavity rates are similar whether water is fluoridated or not, according to data published in the July 2009 Journal of the American Dental Association by dentist J.V. Kumar of the NY State Health Department(1), reports NYSCOF."

"Dr. Kumar's published data exposes more evidence that fluoridation doesn't reduce tooth decay," says attorney Paul Beeber, President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation.

Most recent fluoride news release

Christopher Bryson Fluoride Deception



Fluoride can cause hip fracture, lower IQ, dental fluorosis

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