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Dentist Royal Lee: Nutritional Pioneer Who Began Standard Process

Dentist Royal Lee was born in 1885 on a farm in Wisconsin.

Lee was obviously ahead of his classmates, teaching them physics and creating his own biochemistry textbooks.

Dentist Royal Lee was a contemporary and fan of Dr. Weston Price. In the 1920s, when heart disease was on the rise, Dr. Lee believed that it was due to nutrients being removed from flour and rice during the milling process.

Dr. Lee was hired by a company to fix electrical equipment. Included in some of this equipment was a dental drill, so in 1920 he enrolled in dental school to make a better dental drill. Dr. Lee developed a fractional horsepower dental drill.

Lee's engineering business grew. Dr. Lee noticed that tooth decay is more prevalent in youngsters with a high incidence of disease. Vitamins are necessary for the proper functioning of endocrine glands.(thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, testes, ovaries etc.)

According to Dentist Royal Lee:

"Candy, all white sugar or its products, and white flour including its products such as macaroni, spaghetti, crackers, etc., should be absolutely barred from the diet of the child. All these are energy-producing foods that contain no building materials for the body. The consequences of their toleration are susceptibility to infections, enlarged tonsils, carious teeth, unruly dispositions, stunted growth, rickets, maldevelopment and very often permanent damage to many organs of the body (especially the endocrine glands) that depend upon the vitamin supply for their normal function and development."

Today, Standard Process, Dr. Lee's nutritional company, is continuing his tradition of producing biologically active raw food concentrates.

Dr. Royal Lee on the Medical Establishment and Government Regulations

As I see it, I have spent about two percent of my life developing new and useful products. The other ninety-eight percent of my time has been occupied with a constant battle with someone to make him believe the facts on which my work is based. - Dr. Royal Lee

Dr. Royal Lee dedicated his life to finding solutions for all sorts of challenges, but his greatest passion was improving the nation's health by providing high-quality, whole food nutritional supplements and educating others about them. He devoted the majority of his life to spreading the truth about nutrition. (Source: Standard Process Anniversary book)

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