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Dental Fillings

When you get a cavity the dentist treats the cavity by first drilling a hole and then placing the filling.

In some cases, when the hole is too big (or the dentist too greedy) then the conventional dentist suggests other more serious treatments:

  • Dental Crowns - which are for more damaged teeth.
  • Root Canals - teeth diagnosed as having nerve damage are usually prescribed root canals.
  • Dental Implants - placed after a tooth is extracted due to irreparable damage.

The Dental Filling Procedure

  1. The tooth decay is located through x-rays and use of the dental probe.
  2. The decay is removed with a drill.
  3. The inside of the tooth is prepared for a filling.
  4. The filling material is placed.

Types of Dental Filling Materials

Today there are over 2,000 dental materials available. Here are some of the most common ones used.

  • Gold Alloys (there is no 100% gold filling)
  • Amalgam (Mercury Fillings)
  • Tooth Colored Composite Fillings
  • Ceramic Fillings
  • Glass Isomer Fillings

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