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Orthodontics Go Beyond Conventional

Orthodontics: Just the word likely brings up moaning and groaning for children and parents alike. The children moan because they do not like having uncomfortable things stuffed into their mouths for years, and the parents moan at paying the astronomical orthodontic bills and chauffeuring their children around for orthodontic treatment.

Conventional Orthodontics

Conventional orthodontics is a (dis)functional approach to changing crooked, crowded or wrongly positioned teeth.

The tools of the trade are braces, retainers, tooth extractions, and a headgear.

Unfortunately, conventional orthodontic treatments ignore balancing the skull bones prior to doing the teeth straightening procedures. Often times the patient is left with "straight teeth" but a crooked head, a misaligned bite and over time it results in chronic symptoms of poor health.

Learn more about how assembly line orthodontics damages faces.

Conventional Orthodontic Injury to Facial Beauty and Physical Development

Typically we think of facial beauty, facial features, and an overall strong body as a feature of good genetic traits. It is not good genetics, but good nutrition that forms the properly wide dental arch (upper palate) that gives space for all of our teeth to come in straight.

The same techniques taught in the book Cure Tooth Decay, can be used to reduce, and at some times eliminate dental arch irregularities.

Recommendations for Orthodontics That Help

American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics - which focuses on the Crozat method of dental arch widening.

ALF - Advanced Lightwire Functional

Put your jaw back into position with Chiropractic and Osteopath Strategies that Help.

Direct Non Force Chiropractic Technique - This uses subtle/ moderate pressure to bring the body back into balance. If you have TMJ issues, or an improper bite, this can signficantly help improve tooth/bite alignment.

Find an Osteopath who specializes in the alignment of the facial bones and head bones in relation to whole body health. These folks should be able to help with TMJ issues as well.

Craniopathy and S.O.T. - An advanced technique for realignment of the skull bones. Good for all kinds of head problems including those caused by dental procedures.


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Cure Tooth Decay

"I've always known deep down that teeth can heal naturally. When my own daughter began having dental issues, I went on a mission! Already been down that path, and being very scarred from the dental experiences I endured, I knew I couldn't put my child through it. I found Dr. Weston Price's research and my instincts told me this was it! Ramiel has now written a book, drawn from Price's findings, but specifically directed at restoring dental health. The result is a very comprehensive book that lays it all out. He is honest. And the truth is an incredible eye-opener! The protocol works. Get this book, especially if you have children." Learn how your children can have healthy teeth. - Mrs. Brown, Canada

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The practical advice in this book really seems to be reversing my tooth decay!!! Halleleuiah brother!!! I bought the book for $28... What a bargain, The dental work was going to cost well over $4,000.00 Think I'm excited, you will be too if you use this info to take tooth health into your own hands! Very satisfied. - Mike in Ashland, Oregon

This book is a must read for everyone interested in improving their health. - Pam Killeen, NY Times bestselling author

The protocol in this book is very effective for preventing and mineralizing cavities. - Timothy Gallagher, D.D.S., President, Holistic Dental Association

I was ready to have a tooth pulled and the dentist told me that I needed a root canal, but I had no money for either procedure. I was in pain and my cheek had already begun to swell. But after just over a month of following Ramiel's dietary protocols it is hard for me to feel which tooth was bothering me. Thanks a million to Ramiel Nagel for writing this book. Unbelievable! - Leroy, artist from Utah.


I do consider the book informative, inspiring and altogether helpful. - Laura De Giorgio

[Cure Tooth Decay] is a vehicle towards a higher good. It changes your perception of reality. It changes the reality. - Ranko Medved, Croatia

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I purchased your cure tooth decay book and appreciate all the info that has opened my eyes to this nutritional healing. - Ace

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I purchased your book about a year ago and found it fascinating and encouraging. I am glad to learn of evidence that teeth which have suffered decay have the potential to heal over and remineralize to the point of avoiding extraction, root canals or other invasive treatments. - Pete

Thank you so much for doing the great research that you put into your book. It is very helpful. - Paul