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Fluoride - Nature's Way To Cause Tooth Decay

A recent document published by the CDC, Centers for Disease Control (I say Centers for Causing Disease), lies about the benefits of fluoride.

On the CDC website, there is the following document that purports the benefits of fluoride to fight tooth decay.

Water Fluoridation Causes Tooth Decay

In this document they state:

Fluoride Propaganda Statement: "Since 1950, the ADA (American Dental Association) has unreservedly endorsed the fluoridation of community water supplies as safe, effective, and necessary in preventing tooth decay."

Reality: Before 1950, the ADA and AMA were all strongly opposed to the human consumption of fluoride in any form or concentration. (Wollan, M. Controlling the Potential Hazards of Government-Sponsored Technology, The George Washington Law Review, 36:5:1105, 07/68)

Fluoride Propaganda: "Over the past 60 years, optimal fluoridation of community drinking water has been a major factor for the decline in rates of tooth decay."

Reality: About 90% of the population suffers from tooth decay. It continues to get worse with age no matter how much fluoride someone consumes. Fluoride does not offer long term protection against tooth decay. (Arnold, F.A. Jr. DDS, Fifteenth year of the Grand Rapids Fluoridation Study, JADA, 65:780, 11/62)

More About Fluoride Causing Cavities

Fluoride Propaganda: "Community water fluoridation continues to be the most cost-effective, equitable and safe means to provide protection from tooth decay in a community."


"We would not purposely add arsenic to the water supply. And we would not purposely add lead. But we do add fluoride. The fact is that fluoride is more toxic than lead and just slightly less toxic than arsenic." (Dr. John Yiamouyiannis, Fluoride Researcher)

The vital statistics of the US show that cancer death rates in areas with fluoridated water are 15-20 percent more than cancer death rates in populations that are not fluoridated. (Editorial Essay, Fluoride, 17:2:63, 04/84)

So long as people are lulled into the idea that fluoride is safe, or that it protects against tooth decay, they will not see the real cause, that tooth decay is caused by a deficiency of nutrients.

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