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Conventional Dentistry, Does it work for you?

When was the last time you heard your dentist complaining of not enough patients?

Most dentists promote tooth brushing, flossing, limiting snacking with sweet foods, and fluoride treatments as preventative measures to fight against tooth decay. Unfortunately these methods do not work very well. Time and time again, the cavities still form. I am not just saying that, this is proven to be true through US government statistics. When you have cavities and go to the dentist, it is possible for the dentist to blame you for your tooth cavities believing that you have not brushed or flossed enough.

A dentist is not somebody who usually spends much time teaching people how to prevent tooth decay in a real sense with nutrition.

Some dentists are good hearted people but many are in it mostly for the money. Those dentists just do what they learned in dental school.

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Dentists are Surgeons

A Dentist, D.D.S., is a Doctor of Dental Surgery.

A surgeon, is not the same as a body chemistry expert, and is not the same as an expert in preventative dentistry.

Dentists spend little time learning about nutrition in dental school. There is a good chance you know more about nutrition than your dentist does.

The job of the dentist is to use the tool of dental surgery to fix your complaint. When you feel tooth pain, the dentist will operate on your tooth. The goal is to remove that pain.

Dentists Offer a Variety of Treatments

The goal of the crown, filling or root canal is to take you out of pain. The dentist never promises you that he will never see you again, but there is a hope or implication that once you get surgery on your tooth, that the problem is solved.

A Dentists Uses Surgery To Prevent Pain

When you go to a dentist, you are asking him or her to fix a problem you have.

The problem is that your overall health and vitality are decreased, and that you are experiencing, or are afraid of experiencing tooth pain.

Tooth pain and infection is caused when the bodies defensive mechanisms are down, which can result in a breach in the barrier that protects the sensitive inner layer of your tooth, the pulp, from the outer world.

Dentists treat this problem with surgery. They remove decayed tooth material and then block up the hole with a synthetic material. This is called a filling.

Dentists also offer other services, like cleaning the deposits off of your teeth, or whitening your teeth with chemicals.

These services are medical procedures which they are specially trained to do, and they usually do well.

The problem with modern dentistry, is that it is treating a condition that is here now, rather than teaching and empowering people how to prevent dental plaque, tooth pain, tooth decay, gum disease and other oral health problems, before it comes to a point where surgery is necessary.

In this section (see the dental health menu on the left), I will show you some of the work of the world's top dentists. And each one of them show you, how you can be more empowered to take control of your dental health.

What you need to know about modern dentistry.

The most important thing you need to know about modern dentistry is that it does not address the cause of tooth decay. It only treats the symptoms. In order to conquer tooth decay once and for all, you need to take responsibility for your health and change the foods you eat.

I have taken some of the best measures of these dentists, and through trial and error, I have found an effective way at halting tooth decay. Here you can read people's testimonials who have reversed their tooth decay naturally. I wrote a book so you can do it too.

Dentistry has placed its faith on treatments that are not necessarily optimal for your health like fluoride or dental sealants. Of course I share some tips on tooth brushing and tooth flossing, even though these are not the main ways to prevent tooth decay.

Dental Health Pioneers

The book, Cure Tooth Decay is based on research of dental health giants. These are dentists who have made their own path and who have taught people important things about remineralizing teeth, or about dental health.

Dentist Weston Price travelled around the world to find why healthy cultures where free from tooth decay.

Dentist Melvin Page showed a precise ratio of minerals in the blood result in an immunity to dental caries.

May Mellanby who lectured across England and the U.S. in universities on how to use diet to control tooth decay.

Dentist Royal Lee founded the nutrition company Standard Process.

Dentist Hal Huggins exposed the obvious danger and fraud of mercury fillings.

Dentist Charles Bodecker examined the main stream theories about tooth decay and found them lacking strong evidence to support their use.

Cure Tooth Decay

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