Bad Dentistry - Wisdom Tooth Extraction Gone Bad

What follows below is a real case study submitted by a reader of this website. It describes how their health was harmed by bad dentistry.

My name is "Bex". I am 38 years of age. I am female, and weigh around 60 kg with a height of 5 foot 5.

I have been free of amalgams for many years of my life and my last removal was in 1997. So I had white composites instead of amalgams from then on. It was a long hard road of trying to detox the mercury in my system, but that is a long story. I had started to get well around the year 2001 or so and am still in the process of healing and detoxing and getting better over time.

Something happened to me in 2003. I meddled with an eye cosmetic I had (mascara). Because it was old, it was dry. Instead of getting a new one, which I should have done, I watered it down, as I had done in the past occasionally. This time however, I did not get away with it. Something got into the mascara, some kind of bacteria or what I do not know. I developed a horrible kind of infection in the eyes, which spread from there into the head area and then from there through the rest of my system. Thinking it was temporary, I waited things out. Sure enough, the eye infection settled down, but sadly the systemic condition never went away and I still have it to this day. I was unable to exercise much without developing viral type symptoms like a sore throat, coughing, exhaustion, headache etc. And generally I was weaker than I had been. But things were about to get much worse.

In 2004, I had a couple of my old dental composites redone (the lower left hand side of my mouth). They were old, but I also suspected they may be incompatible for my body. A day or so after this, I had a wisdom tooth on the very same side removed by an oral surgeon. That was pretty much the end of my health from then on. I have no idea which one of these was responsible, but I've been chronically unwell ever since. I developed extreme fatigue, depression, worse candida problems, and a strange heaviness/weight around my gut/pelvic area. I had the urge to sit down all the time. I had intolerance to toxins to the point where I'd absorb just about anything, but then not be able to eliminate them. So this would cause worse problems with me. I no longer responded to detox efforts as I had and there was no progress anymore in my health. Just a chronic condition, like something was blocked. So I've spent a lot of time through these years sitting around or lying down. I have to stick to a very restricted diet to gain "any" kind of benefit. This at least allows me to do a little more with my life. I cannot cheat on that diet at all and if I do, I suffer for weeks afterwards. Any jolt to my health, any exposure to any kind to toxin is devastating to me, often taking months or more to improve from.

I struggle everyday of my life now and it's a constant battle to try to achieve any slight improvement, so I can better live my life.

I went to a doctor in my country who is well versed in mercury toxicity, incompatible dental materials, cavitations etc. This was years ago, but after that suspect dental work. He detected on his EAV (voll) machine that there was dead pulp (wet gangrene) in my mouth. He detected this on the lower left hand side of my mouth (pretty much where the wisdom tooth had been removed in 2004). I went to him again later and he detected the same thing. So I went to a dentist (expert in his field) and had a panoramic x-ray done and a cavitat scan (infra red kind of bone scan). Oddly enough, there was no significant visual problem showing in that area where the doctor had picked it up. However, there were old ex wisdom tooth sites that were showing cavitations (holes in the jawbone), and would have been there for many years. I could not figure out why my health would suddenly deteriorate after the dental work in 2004, if there was nothing to show for it, other than from a voll testing machine.... yet it shows up old dental work problems which I had never felt a problem with.

So I am left not knowing what to do or how to deal with this situation, other than do the best I can with food and moderate exercise. There do not appear to be straightforward answers to this. But I do know that the dental work in 2004 was the last straw for my health. I do feel that something definitely went wrong, but it's not showing up as pain or anything visual. I personally suspect that the doctor may be right and there is dead pulp somewhere in the mouth (wet gangrene), as this would explain why my problems are long term and chronic. Something has to be daily impacting on my health to such an extent that my body is not able to respond as it should to the many efforts I make. It responds only very marginally and it takes a long time to do so. This was never the case before!

I also have to add that a course of antibiotics I had for a bad infection I developed from a flu further impacted my already bad health and also my gums. This course of antibiotics I think was around 2007 or so. Candida issues became much worse and have remained so ever since. I developed receding gums immediately after the course of these antibiotics (mainly on the bottom teeth) and ongoing build up of calcus, which I have to scrape off the inside of my bottom teeth (front mainly) every few days. This is why I have to stick to an even more restricted diet constantly and I do not get away with cheating on it at all without a long road of "recovery" ahead of me each time I deviate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ramiel Nagel, Author of Cure Tooth Decay's comments

Sometimes the dentist cannot see everything from x-rays or even a cavitat device. It shows you that when wisdom teeth are not carefully removed there can be problems. For that matter, wisdom teeth are removed all too often when it isn't medically necessary.

Why Bad Dentistry?

I decided to create an area on my website to focus on bad dentistry. Many people have kept quiet about the mistreatment of their teeth by dentists. I do not encourage people to avoid dentists, but in order to get people to go to the dentist, the dentist must provide excellent care. Unfortunately most do not. This list can help you find a good dentist.

Modern dentistry, in general, damages our teeth. It drills away too much healthy tooth structure. It places toxic materials in our mouths, and recommends treatments that don't last over the long term. Moving beyond bad dentistry means using the book, Cure Tooth Decay, to help you remineralize your cavities naturally.

You can submit a story about how dentistry has negatively harmed your life by sending an e-mail to:
Make sure to include the name you want posted on your testimonial, a little bit about yourself, and how you were harmed by bad dentistry. You do not need to remain silent about the harm done to your mouth. Because I do not want to be in the middle of any type of dispute I will not post the name of the bad dentist.

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