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Orthodontics: How to Deal with a Child's Impacted Tooth Naturally

A book reader wrote me regarding an impacted tooth. Children have impacted teeth because their jaws do not grow wide enough.

"I just learned today (10/12/09) that my 11 year old son has it and it is hurting him (upper left molar). After a digital x-ray the dentist recommended an orthodontist take a look at him and that we should probably prepare for oral surgery. Is there a holistic alternative to this? He has drunk raw milk for 4 years and we try to eat pretty organic so this came as a surprise. Please advise. I don't want to make the wrong decision. Sealants were also recommended even after they saw no cavities. I'm thinking no to the sealants and just keep on with the raw milk."

My reply:

The answer to your question is yes and no. If you enhance your son's diet (described in the book "Cure Tooth Decay,") then we could hope his jaw would widen. Never remove an adult tooth. However it sounds like your son has a baby tooth that did not fall out?

I suggest you have him eat lots of liver, and bone marrow and get the Green Pastures supplements including fermented skate liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. Since it is hurting, you are in a tough position as diet takes weeks and months to widen the jaw, assuming you are very careful. It is possible that certain foods may stop the pain, however it seems more about the structure of the entire jaw.

Meanwhile, you can search for a cranial osteopath, a D.N.F.T chiropractor, a cranial/facial pain dentist, and an advanced lightwire functional dentist (a dental appliance to widen the jaw). Also, a myofunctional therapist might help. Additionally, get Dr. Christopher's tooth and gum formula, or see a herbalist to help the nerve relax. If you are in a hurry, put some goldenseal powder on the gum area. Links to some of these resources are at: find the best dentist page.

Basically, your son has an impacted tooth because his jaw is too narrow to fit it. That doesn't mean you made a mistake with raw milk, just that your diet needs more good foods, and less modern foods.

Mother's reply:

"Thank you, Rami, for answering my message. The tooth is apparently angled sideways (the one next to his canine). Can they even turn straight again? Doesn't look like our insurance covers ortho. Anyways so we're on our own (not much money to work with either). I looked at your site, trying to find answers and saw the holistic orthodontist link. I discovered the "crozat" ( and shot an email to a dentist near me who does this. I went to a cranial/facial pain dentist last year for my TMJ. He's not in tremendous pain now but the baby tooth below this tooth is breaking off exposing gum tissue and it looks awful."

Comment: There are many consequences of the diet of the mother and father before conception. Even though the mother gave her child raw milk, the diet lacked enough building properties, and perhaps had other negating factors which didn't allow her son's full facial form to blossom.

A good orthopedic orthodontist or dentist can use brackets and/or wires to help guide the tooth to where it needs to be. In this case, pulling the baby tooth might be a good idea. You will need to judge this with the dentist. Removing a baby tooth whose time has come should not be a significant procedure.

Crozat is a good appliance to resolve this condition. An ALF is another alternative. The best results occur in the hands of an expert practitioner.

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