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Robert O. Nara - Money By the Mouthful

Robert O'Nara

"In my opinion the whole thing boils down to one simple fact:

The dental establishment is scared to death that the public is going to realize that the entire profession has been making a living by repairing the results of a disease they could have
been curing all along!" Dentist Robert Nara.

As you can tell by his attitude, Dr. O. Nara eventually found himself barred from the dental profession.

What Are Dr. Nara's Teachings?

First I want to stay, that I stand behind anyone willing to speak the truth. And what Dr. Nara is telling us, is that the dental profession is more about money, than about teaching people how to take care of their teeth.

In Dr. O. Nara's book, How to Become Dentally Self Sufficient, he teaches a strategy which he believes will keep people free from tooth decay.

The strategy involves keeping the interior of the mouth spotlessly clean. Using wide tape dental floss, oral irrigators and other methods.

The Positive Side of the Teaching

The good side to his work is he is teaching people an important law - the law of personal responsibility. The law shows us that we can take care of our dental health. That we do not, and should not be paying excessive amounts of money to have someone else take care of our teeth, when we can do it for ourselves.

He claims his method of cleaning will keep the bacteria count low in the mouth and thus inhibit tooth decay.

I believe his method is partially effective. Perhaps manual teeth cleaning is effective in fighting decay when the body chemistry is out of balance.

What is Missing In Dr. O. Nara's Message

What is missing is that the primary factor of our tooth health is not the cleanliness of our mouth, but the vitamin content and internal balance of our blood.

Dr. O. Nara believes disease is caused by germs, "We are told, or assume, that cavities are caused by sugar. That's a lie. Cavities are caused by disease, and the disease is caused by germs. You can avoid sugar all you wish but you will not escape dental disease because of your abstinence."

Source: Oramedia

I believe that bacteria are present when tooth decay is active, but that they are not the cause of decay.

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